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How It Works

Generally, users and apps in the Aspecta ecosystem follow 4 steps. Existing Aspecta ID holders may skip Step 1 and Step 2. Apps that already have users' consent may skip Step 3.

Step 1: User Connect Associated Accounts

Users need to register their Aspecta ID and connect their associated accounts to the Aspecta ID.

Step 2: User Preview Profiling Results

After connecting associated accounts, users can now send profiling requests to Aspecta and obtain their desired profiling results. Users can preview the results and edit what data/content to show the other users or apps.

Prior to querying a user's data, profiling results, or requesting any identity services from Aspecta, apps must obtain the user's consent for data access. The consent will be saved with the app token, which is used for future services.

Step 4: Apps Query Aspecta for User Profiling Results or Other Services

App may further query Aspecta for additional Identity Services, such as Identity Auth, Identity Query, Identity Profiling, etc., with user-consented tokens.