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Key Concepts

Associated Accounts

A user may have different accounts and activities in Apps across Web2 and Web3, such as Web2 accounts including GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter, etc., as well as Web3 on-chain "accounts" such as wallet addresses on ETH, BTC, etc. Those accounts are called the associated accounts of the user.

Users have diverse contents and activities on associated accounts. E.g., a user can contribute to a repo on GitHub, answer a question on Stack Overflow, or like a post on Twitter.

Aspecta Identity

In Aspecta Identity Ecosystem, a user's associated accounts are bound to an Aspecta Identity, a unique passport to help users explore the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

Users can use their Aspecta Identities to log in different Apps, and customize what data they want to share with Apps.

For Apps, Aspecta Identity is a user identifier which binds a user's activities across Web2 and Web3 Apps. The App can access a user's data or query the user's profiling with consent, so that to provice personalized services.


Profiling is the most unique and exciting service in Aspecta Identity Ecosystem. Supported by tens of state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Aspecta analyzes user-content data provided and consented by a user, and conclude the data into a informative and consise form.

The profiling algorithms can take different kinds of user-content data, such as a user's codes or activities on GitHub, a user's posts/likes/retweets on Twitter, a user's transactions on ethereum, etc.

The profiling algorithms can also understand user-content data in thousands of aspects depending on demands. For example, the profiling algorithms can describe how a user is proficient on certain skills such as Solidity Development, or a user's preferences such as always interested in new projects.

Profiling also acts as a "mask" layer between users and Apps to protect user privacy. Without directly accessing users' activity data, third-party Apps can query for users' profiling results to provide personalized services.