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Aspecta Identity Ecosystem

Aspecta ID is an AI-generated identity system, including personal webpages, soul-bound tokens, and digital twins in the metaverse, for pioneering builders, innovators and beyond. The mission of Aspecta ecosystem is to provide safe, user-controllable, and intelligent protocols for users and third-party applications to store, transfer, and utilize data across Web2 & Web3 spaces.

For Users

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Any user within the Aspecta ecosystem can seamlessly log in to a third-party application with their Aspecta ID, where they will authorize the app to query certain user data with consent, enjoy personalized services provided by the app, and communicate & collaborate with friends across different applications.

For Apps

🧰💻 Third-party applications within the Aspecta ecosystem can access any given user's data across applications and query the user's profiling delineated by Aspecta with consent to enable personalized services, such as recommendation and search.


🔥🔥 Specifically, Aspecta provides standardized data-access protocols, referred to as Identity-as-a-Service, including:

Besides, Aspecta provides customizable services to partners, including:

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