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Aspecta Identity Ecosystem

The mission of Aspecta Identity Ecosystem is to provide safe, user-controllable, and intelligent protocols for users and third-party Apps to save, pass, and utilize data across different Apps and across Web2 and Web3.

For Users

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ A user within Aspecta Identity Ecosystem can easily log in to a third-party App, authorize the App to query certain user data, enjoy personalized services provided by Apps, and communicate or work with friends across Apps.

For Apps

🧰💻 A third-party App within Aspecta Ideneity Ecosystem can access a user's data across Apps and query the user's profiling with the user's consent, so that to power personalized services such as recommendation and search.


🔥🔥 To be specific, Aspecta provides standardized data-access protocols, referred to as Identity-as-a-Service, including:

Besides, Aspecta provides customizable services to partners, including:

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